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Histological Solutions, a company specialising in high throughput microarray technology, approached Radical Precision Engineering in the development of their new cryoarray kits, for use in the biotechnology and drug development industry.

These precision engineered kits were developed in two parts, a unique donor block formatting mould and a 2mm stainless steel punch-core system. This kit allows for the reliable and highly reproducible production of cryoarrays, with 32 different tissue samples to be sectioned and mounted onto a single microscope slide. It is possible to obtain at least 50 array sections from each block.

“The system is ideally suited for a rapid and reliable approach, for high throughput screening of potential novel drug receptor candidates and for proteomic studies, and will be an effective aid for new drug development,” said Histological Systems. “We would very much like to thank Radical Precision Engineering for their highly professional input into the successful launch of this exciting new product."

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